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It’s Taco Tuesday and Here are the Best Two Taco Joints in Toms River

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The quest for the best tacos in Toms River has led locals and visitors alike to a variety of eateries, each boasting its unique take on this classic Mexican dish. Among these, Taco-Tastic and Mi Mexico Lindo have emerged as prominent contenders, drawing attention for their flavorful offerings.

Taco-Tastic, located at 793 Fischer Blvd, has garnered praise for its menu that includes a wide array of Mexican favorites, from munchies tacos and shrimp tacos to chicken enchiladas and churros. Their take on Mexican street tacos, in particular, has been a hit among customers, earning them an impressive 4.1 rating from over 240 reviews on Restaurantji. The restaurant operates seven days a week, with hours extending to 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, catering to the weekend crowd.

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Jersey Shore Taco Spot Expanding, Getting Drive-thru

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The Mexican brand that’s making quite a name for itself at the Jersey Shore will soon be inviting you to pull up to the window.

Taco-tastic started out in Toms River in 2017. The one on Fischer Boulevard is the original. Then there was that second one they opened in the same town on Main Street. From there they branched out to Lanoka Harbor and there’s even a location on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. Later this year one is expected to open in Brick.

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Popular taco restaurant to open their fifth NJ location

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Taco-Tastic, a Mexican restaurant that started with one store in Toms River in 2017, is now preparing to open their fifth location, this one in Brick.

In addition to their original location, there is another one in Toms River as well, in Lanoka Harbor and on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

Their website describes the business like this:

Taco-Tastic is a family-friendly restaurant that allows you to create your own authentic Mexican meals. We provide quick service, a clean atmosphere, and authentic, home-style cooking served with pleasure by our friendly staff.

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