It’s Taco Tuesday and Here are the Best Two Taco Joints in Toms River

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The quest for the best tacos in Toms River has led locals and visitors alike to a variety of eateries, each boasting its unique take on this classic Mexican dish. Among these, Taco-Tastic and Mi Mexico Lindo have emerged as prominent contenders, drawing attention for their flavorful offerings.

Taco-Tastic, located at 793 Fischer Blvd, has garnered praise for its menu that includes a wide array of Mexican favorites, from munchies tacos and shrimp tacos to chicken enchiladas and churros. Their take on Mexican street tacos, in particular, has been a hit among customers, earning them an impressive 4.1 rating from over 240 reviews on Restaurantji. The restaurant operates seven days a week, with hours extending to 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, catering to the weekend crowd.

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