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Tribute Given To Local WWII Hero “Bud” Lomell

As the 80th year since the momentous D-Day invasion was commemorated, a local hero’s name rose to the forefront once again. Leonard G. “Bud” Lomell’s bravery hasn’t been lost to time. During a recent interview and book signing by acclaimed author Steven M. Gillon, Lomell’s legacy was celebrated anew. Decades ago, Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest… Keep Reading

New Jersey Boat Tour Ranks Among The Best In The U.S.

USA Today’s 10BEST has set the stage for outdoor excursion lovers to have their best summer yet, with their top-ranked adventure tour lists. There’s good news for those hitting the shore soon, as a New Jersey Boat tour was named among the best in the United States. What’s unique about setting sail on a boat… Keep Reading

Are The Rumors True About Uncle Giuseppe’s Coming To Toms River? Read More: Are The Rumors True About Uncle Giuseppe’s Coming To Toms River?

What is Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace? First, let’s talk about Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace. From the first look, it seems to be an Italian “Trader Joe’s”—a wonderful marketplace dedicated to delicious Italian cooking. Different foods and tastes that are committed to serving delicious Italian dishes. From gnocchi to cannolis, Uncle Guiseppe’s seems to have it all. It… Keep Reading

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