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Is it Really? Is the Buzz True? Chick-fil-A Finally Coming to Toms River, NJ

I can’t even believe it, I’ve been writing for years we need another Chick-fil-A in Ocean County, other than Brick, and it might be happening.

Recently I wrote an article about Ocean County needing another Chick-fil-A. I believe it was last week. There’s one in Brick. One would be awesome in Lacey, Bayville, Beachwood, Toms River, possibly Manahawkin. I’m tired of waiting in line at the one in Brick. Everyone in NEW JERSEY is at the Chick-fil-A in Brick when I’m waiting in line. I’ve waited over an hour already. I know you’ve waited in line and thought the same thing, “Why isn’t there another one.” Since Covid, I think it’s busier than ever in the line. One on Rt. 37 in Toms River would be great? How about somewhere on Rt. 9?

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