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If You Love Delicious Waffles This is Possibly the Best in New Jersey

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This is a fun article or maybe I should say this is a delicious article. The best waffles possibly in New Jersey! We all love waffles, don’t we? Waffles are pancakes delicious cousin and they are not just for breakfast. For me my favorite way to eat waffles is simple. I love good maple syrup and butter, that’s it, just plain and simple. Make sure it’s good maple syrup and butter, not fake and processed.

Waffles are a morning breakfast staple and most restaurants that do breakfast, do waffles of some kind. However, now it’s great for lunch or dinner. In fact, according to Yelp’s pick as the “best” waffle house, they promote their waffles as “sweet” (breakfast) and “savory” (lunch) plus it has a great name.

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