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Toys ‘R’ Us is Back In Time For Christmas at the Jersey Shore

in Toms River News

Toys ‘R’ Us closed in Toms River and surrounding stores in New Jersey and everywhere after filing bankruptcy in 2017 and closing all stores in 2018.

Toys ‘R’ Us did team up with Macy’s last summer to sell the Toys ‘R’ Us brand online only.

I think we all felt sad when Toys ‘R’ Us closed. I have not been to Toys ‘R’ Us for years before it closed, but it’s the memories of going to a giant toy store when we were younger, it was all we needed.

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Toys R Us Has Officially Opened in Ocean County, NJ and We’re Excited

in Toms River News

We never wanted to grow up, and I think in many ways we are all still “Toys R Us Kids.”

That’s what makes this Jersey Shore comeback story even sweeter. For Jersey Shore kids, this was always a great sight to see. When I was a youngster, my Uncle who lived up north would always surprise me on random days after school with a trip to Toys R Us and then a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundae right across the shopping plaza at Friendly’s. Good memories.

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