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St. Patrick’s Day

Best Irish pubs in New Jersey for St. Pat’s Day

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The 2020 census population of New Jersey was 9,288,994. Of that, it’s no surprise that 1.5 million claim Italian as their primary ethnicity. But did you know right behind that in second place is Irish with over 865,000 people? And on St. Patrick’s Day, that number grows to 9,288,994.

If everyone is Irish on March 17 then there had better be some truly great Irish pubs in New Jersey to celebrate. Don’t worry, there are tons.

Here’s a rundown on some fantastic pubs to enjoy St. Pat’s Day on Friday, March 17 and I’m sure many will be extending the celebration into Saturday, March 18 this year. I’m going to give you one great Irish Pub in every county and maybe some extras at the end that are listeners’ choices.

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