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RWJBarnabas system fires 118 employees for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19

in Toms River News

One of New Jersey’s first hospital and health care networks to impose mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations among all its employees has fired 118 workers for refusing to get the shots, a spokeswoman for RWJBarnabas said Monday.

The 118 represent less than 1% of RWJBarnabas’s 35,000 workforce. The announcement comes three days after the network deadline for all employees to be fully vaccinated.

The firings occurred across the network’s 15 hospitals, 33 outpatient centers and dozens of other facilities. The dismissals will not affect care, said Linda Kamateh, an assistant vice president at RWJBarnabas.

Most major hospitals in New Jersey have enacted vaccine policies that are more strict than Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order that allows unvaccinated health care workers to keep their jobs as long as they get tested for COVID at least once a week.

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