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SUEZ Urges Customers To Prepare For Tropical Storm Ida

in Toms River News

TOMS RIVER – With Tropical Storm Ida approaching, SUEZ has announced their preparation plan to protect facilities and infrastructure which are vital to keeping customers well supplied during severe weather conditions.

The region is predicted to receive widespread rainfall, significant flooding, flash flooding and thunderstorms, the National Weather Service said.

“Our teams closely monitor the weather and will be prepared to make any adjustments necessary to maintain residents’ water quality and service, the integrity of our water and wastewater treatment plants, supply dams and precious water supplies,” Jim Mastrokalos, Director of Operations of SUEZ Operations in South Jersey said. “When the National Weather Service predicts a storm, our goal is to respond as quickly as possible to all emergency situations that may arise, rapidly restore any disrupted services and keep the water flowing.”

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