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Toms River Police Officer Delivers A Beautiful Baby Girl in Ocean County

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This is a story that will put a smile on the face of any resident and parent here at the Jersey Shore. Ever wonder how many babies police officers deliver? According to Grizly.com “Although in reality only a handful of babies are delivered by law enforcement officers each year, they do receive thorough training for the task. They are more likely to assist by keeping things under control as well as possible and calling paramedics and an ambulance to do the real work of it. Among other things, recruits receive training on Lamaze, the anatomy of the birth canal and how to syringe out a baby’s mouth.”

This fantastic story involves a Toms River couple and their new addition to their family, which was aided by the efforts of the Toms River Police. On September 27th, shortly after midnight, police were notified of a woman in labor. According to the TRPD social media, Toms River Police Officer Pete Saker was first on the scene, and within minutes of arriving, he delivered a beautiful baby girl. Baby Mia was born on September 27th and big thanks to Officer Saker for being there in this time of need.

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