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Tanya Breen: Pictures of the Year

in Toms River News

Five Siberian tiger cubs, who will celebrate their first birthday on May 2nd, are playful and curious in the Tigris Asiana section of the Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure in Jackson, NJ Tuesday April 18, 2023.

A specialty steam humidifier adds additional humidity to the heated yoga studio during a hot yoga class at XHale Hot Yoga Studio in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

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NJ’s Danny Clinch: Love of music shines through in his awe-inspiring photos

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Danny Clinch has a passion for music; he is also a world-class photographer, filmmaker and director. He’s photographed hundreds of album covers from Tupac Shakur to Bruce Springsteen to Fleetwood Mac, to Bjork to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and so many more. His photographs have appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire and so many more.

You’ve seen Danny on TV on “60 Minutes” as he was shown with Bruce Springsteen photographing him while at home and on tour.

Danny has an amazing bond with those he photographs and he’s also welcoming to those he meets including me. He’s fascinating but humble and quick to accommodate those he is engaged with. His music passion is strong. I’ve seen Danny get up and play his harmonica very well with one of my favorite bands, Tangier’s Blues Band. He seems to have a feeling about the artist, the music and then he captures those images so very well.

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Creative Photography By Rob Rielly On Display

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TOMS RIVER – The Ocean County Library is pleased to host Creative Photography, by Rob Rielly, throughout May in the 2nd Floor Gallery of the Toms River Branch.

It consists of traditional and digital photographs, created through a variety of techniques and methods. It is Rob’s contention that photography can take two forms: Reactive, and pro-active.

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