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Toms River Planning 70 Jet-Ski Ports at Huddy Park, ‘Seaport’ Theme Nearby

in Toms River News

The administration of Mayor Dan Rodrick is seeking to make good on plans to revive a themed “seaport” district in downtown Toms River, beginning with a project to install about 70 jet-ski ports at Huddy Park and build a dock that will allow boaters to access restaurants and businesses downtown.

The jet-ski ports will be funded utilizing a state recreation grant of about $500,000 that had been slated by the previous administration to install siding and make improvements to the Shogun restaurant at the Bey Lea golf course. Shogun Legacy, a high-end Japanese fusion restaurant, operates the facility but it is owned by the township. The borough council, after a significant bout of arguing in which at least one person was ejected from the meeting, voted this week to reject bids for the restaurant improvements and redirect the funding to the park.

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