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Great American History Right Here in Downtown Toms River, New Jersey

in Toms River News

I always enjoy an opportunity to share some cool “American History” with you when it comes from New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. It’s always exciting to me to learn about the history of where we live and what happened before our time here in the Garden State.

This particular history involves Downtown Toms River and the original Presbyterian Church that sits at the Ocean County Library location on Washington Street in Toms River. The Presbyterian Church was built circa 1858, making it 165 years old. The church has undergone several cosmetic changes and brick facing, but still stands in the Ocean County Library building. When the Pandemic hit the Dunkin Donuts and coffeeshop, located in the church, closed its doors and now sits closed to the public.

So now my question is what can we do with the church, besides having it used as a storage closet? There must be a better way to highlight this historic building, even if nothing more than just that, a historic site for residents to visit.

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