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The hawk stuck in the Toms River library is now gone for good, the library hopes

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TOMS RIVER − It nearly came down to a live pigeon wearing a bulletproof-like vest to convince the hawk that had taken up residence at the Toms River Library Oct. 24 to finally take flight.

That was one of the last-ditch options Bob Glass, a master falconer, thought of trying after spending several days along with other avian and wildlife experts attempting to capture the bird. The pigeon vest employs filament loops to snag hawks and other birds of prey by the talons while leaving the secured pigeon, a preferred meal, unharmed.

Instead of the pigeon, it was the library facilities and administrative staff that finally drew the recalcitrant raptor out from its hiding place within the second-floor drop ceiling.

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Red-tailed hawk ruffles feathers inside New Jersey library

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TOMS RIVER, N.J. — There’s this thing with feathers in a New Jersey library.

A red-tailed hawk, boasting a 4-foot wingspan, has been perched inside the Ocean City Library since Monday, NJ.com reported. Officials said the bird is in no hurry to leave.

“We were waiting to see if he would just come out on its own. As of right now, he’s healthy and up there walking around,” library spokesperson Sherri Taliercio said Wednesday. “It’s a large male bird. We’re hoping he comes out soon.”

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Injured Hawk Rescued from Belmar’s Ocean Avenue Recovering at Toms River Avian Care Facility

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TOMS RIVER, NJ — A Cooper’s hawk that was rescued in the middle of Ocean Avenue by Belmar police on Monday is in stable condition at Toms River Avian Care.

“He’s doing fine,” said Don Bonica, owner of the wildlife rescue service, who believes the bird hit a window because of the impact he suffered to his left eye.

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