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If You Love Fried Chicken You Have To Try The Best In New Jersey!

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Tasting Table did a piece about the various types of “fried chicken” and they outlined 13 different styles of delicious crispy poultry. “There’s nothing quite like biting into a piece of hot, crunchy fried chicken. The satisfying crackle of sinking your teeth into the crisp skin to reach soft, tender meat dripping with savory juices is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

When you are in the mood for some authentic fried chicken you definitely want good recipe chicken that has that great fried coating. You don’t want frozen chicken heated up, you want some real cooking and a dish that has delicious chicken. So how do you find real restaurants as opposed to frozen re-heat places? “Taste of Home” posted a recent article that highlighted the best fried chicken in America and of course that included our selection here in New Jersey.

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The NJ fried chicken places you need to know about

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Another chicken franchise is coming to New Jersey with Raising Cane’s planning to open in Deptford. This will be their fourth location planned as they will also be going into Cherry Hill, Burlington, and Marlton. I’ve had their chicken while on vacation in Ohio, and they are pretty good.

Lately, when people think of fried chicken, it’s usually from a franchise establishment like KFC, Popeye’s, or Chick-Fil-A, which is opening another location; but there are several great chicken places throughout the Garden State that may not come to mind but should.

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Popular Chicken Chain Might Open New Restaurant In Ocean County, NJ

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If I asked you: Where should I get to get the best fried chicken, where would you send me?

I would like it to be juicy and tender on the inside with a nice crunchy outside, please.




Nope, you’re wrong again. Man, I thought you’d be better at this.

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