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Eat Like A Boss In New Jersey Without Breaking The Bank!

in Toms River News

Eat Like A Boss In New Jersey Without Breaking The Bank! Is this possible in these days and times? Of course, it is and we are gonna look at a wonderful article that helped to find great places to eat in the Garden State without breaking the bank. Sounds good to me, who doesn’t like great food? who doesn’t like saving money? it’s a true “win-win”.

I came across an article from NJ.com that outlined great places to eat without spending a ton of money. I’m just going to highlight 10 of these restaurants here at the Jersey Shore, that you can visit for a great meal at a great price. In search of “good” food, not processed junk, without breaking the budget, can it be done? yes and let’s look at a few places.

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NJ Pork Roll Egg And Cheese Threatened By New Breakfast Taco?

in Toms River News

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich is the official sandwich of New Jersey, but today, a new challenger is hoping to move in on the Jersey breakfast action.

On my drive to work today, I stopped at my local Dunkin to get my daily coffee and was asked if I wanted to try the new breakfast taco.

“What?” I responded.

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Toms River Food Fest Set For May Return

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TOMS RIVER, NJ — Start preparing your appetites: The Toms River Food Fest is coming back to downtown Toms River.

The food truck festival is set for noon to 8 p.m. on May 7 on Washington Street.

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Hungry? The Best Sloppy Joe’s in Ocean County, New Jersey

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Today, Friday March 18th is National Sloppy Joe Day. I think we all had “sloppy joe’s” in school and at home growing up. Made me think was there a “Joe” and if so was he “sloppy”? Well after some investigation aka google, It appears that there was a guy named Jose Garcia who lived in Havana, Cuba and he served a dish that was based on a Spanish dish called “ropa vieja” and the name “sloppy joe” was born. This recipe by Jose was originated in Cuba around 1910.

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Meet the man who supplies exquisite food to your favorite restaurants — and now homes too

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Ask chefs anywhere what makes food delicious, and invariably they’ll answer “good ingredients.”

Ask 200-plus chefs and restaurant owners in New Jersey where they get their good ingredients from, and inevitably you’ll be told, “Harvest Drop.”

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