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How a 12-foot skeleton became the hottest Halloween decoration around

in Toms River News

There are two kinds of people: those who understand the allure of a 12-foot skeleton decoration, and those who have yet to understand the allure of a 12-foot skeleton decoration.

Fall beckons the arrival of the Home Depot skeleton, a massive Halloween yard decoration that first hit the market in 2020 and has captivated imaginations ever since. Affectionately known as Skelly, the looming figure is now a mascot of sorts for those who delight in the gothic excesses of Halloween decor.

Why so many people identify with this creature – enough to snatch up entire inventories in hours and spawn a whole skeleton black market in the process – is a question best left to a higher power. Perhaps Skelly is a bridge between the extremes of our human nature; sorrow and joy, famine and excess, the sacred and the profane encased together in high-density polyethylene.

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