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Toms River among several NJ school districts putting mask mandate on hold due to extreme heat

in Toms River News
Toms River, along with the Lacey School District as well as the West Milford School District, are citing the potential for excessive heat as a basis for keeping masks optional to start the year, in spite of Gov. Phil Murphy’s order that all students need to wear masks.
Excessive eat is an exemption in the executive order.  The district says on its website it’ll be optional on buses and in buildings because of the potential for extreme heat.
There’s some pushback in West Milford. Some parents started a petition requesting the mandate be adhered to in spite of any heat.
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Some NJ school districts to allow masks be optional this week, citing excessive heat in schools

in Toms River News

The first allowable exception to New Jersey’s statewide mandate that masks be worn in schools, for excessive heat in classrooms, will be put to the test during the first week of classes.

Some districts, including Lacey Township, Toms River and West Milford, already announced masks will be optional, but strongly encouraged.

The three districts are just three of many across the state. The guidance does not define what “extreme heat indoors” means, by temperature, humidity, or any other index.

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