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YUM! You Voted For The Best Diners At The Jersey Shore!

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It is one of our great New Jersey “things”, the classic “Jersey Diner”. Even though the first diner in America opened in 1872 and was NOT in Jersey (Rhode Island) it has become a “Jersey Thang”. According to Only In Your State, the oldest diner in New Jersey is in Bergen County. The Dumont Crystal Diner reportedly opened in 1925. Next year it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

I recently went out to eat for breakfast at a local diner here in New Jersey (Stafford Diner) and of course, it was delicious. Nothing beats a Jersey diner! From the classic design and look to the menu and the coffee, a trip to a Jersey diner is truly a piece of “Americana”. As you can see I went with the classic breakfast combo and it was spot on. As we had breakfast I thought “Where would you at home say is the best diner here at the Jersey Shore?” So I took the question to social media and you answered the question.

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According To Yelp Reviewers, These Are The Top 5 Diners In The Toms River Area

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – New Jersey is known for diners. Some are good. Some are bad. Many are just hands down incredible for their options and dishes. Most people have their go-to diner and don’t sway much from what they enjoy, almost like a barber. New Jerseyans tend to have a sense of diner loyalty. Where long-standing favorites like the Crystal Diner, Toms River Diner and Four Seasons Diner continue to deliver, there are five that stood out the most with Yelp! users.

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