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Jake’s Got This! Jackson, NJ based non-profit helping those like Jake with cerebral palsy

in Toms River News

In baseball, when a player returns from the paternity list and hits a home run or has a big day at the plate it is a shared belief that it must be ‘Dad Strength’ these players have after the birth of a son or daughter.

There is also such a thing as ‘Mom Strength’ and it doesn’t always involve an athlete but our everyday mom’s who jump over as many hurdles on the track as it takes to get their child the help and services they need, to make sure they’re alright, and nothing will stop them from achieving their mission, they’ll do whatever it takes.

There are so many moms out there in our own communities who’ve shown ‘Mom Strength’ not only to their son or daughter but to others out there as well through a non-profit or by just sharing their’s and their son’s or daughter’s story.

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