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Outstanding! The Best Cannoli’s In Ocean County, New Jersey

in Toms River News

We often talk about Italian food, but often we neglect to talk about Italian desserts. Delicious Italian treats that complete a great Italian meal. What comes into mind when we say Italian desserts?

Some Italian sweets that jump into mind include tiramisu, Italian butter cookies, panettone, ricotta cake, pizzelle, gelato, biscotti, and maybe the most famous cannoli. When it comes to Italian sweets I think the cannoli may be the most popular on a daily basis. Tiramisu may be the elegant dessert favorite at restaurants, but in general, the cannoli is a delicious treat that’s good anytime.

So we look to YELP for their rankings of the “best” locations for Cannoli in Ocean County. YELP uses user ratings and reviews to put their rankings together and we have the top locations for cannoli in Ocean County for you at home.

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