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New Jersey Boat Tour Ranks Among The Best In The U.S.

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USA Today’s 10BEST has set the stage for outdoor excursion lovers to have their best summer yet, with their top-ranked adventure tour lists. There’s good news for those hitting the shore soon, as a New Jersey Boat tour was named among the best in the United States.

What’s unique about setting sail on a boat tour is that there are so many different types. Of course, some options are relative to where you are in the country and what body of water supports your trip. From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and all the lakes and rivers in between, we certainly don’t have a shortage of options in North America to enjoy a boat getaway.

You can go whale-watching in the Northeast, embark on fishing charters in the South, or simply kick back on a catamaran with some food and drinks cruising down on the West Coast. Of course the different types of boating tours available also provide the chance to showcase different boat models. From small-capacity sailboats to million-dollar yachts to essentially giant rafts that flow down a river.

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