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A Popular BBQ Food Truck Is Opening Its First Full Restaurant In Toms River, NJ

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Get ready to smoke up Ocean County, and of course, I’m talking about ribs, pork, and brisket!

Jersey has a delicious barbecue scene, which frankly surprised me when I moved here because I’ve always thought of places like Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee as the big barbecue spots in America.

However, Jersey can hold its own.

Even in Toms River, Smokies Craft BBQ is getting ready to open its second Ocean County location, and they serve up some seriously tasty barbecue.

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Smokies Craft BBQ Is Bringing Its Amazing Flavors To Toms River, NJ

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There’s been a vacant storefront in downtown Toms River for the past couple of months, and now we finally know what’s moving in!

A while back I noticed this empty storefront and was dying to know what would be coming soon to Downtown Toms River.

Well, after a few months of waiting on pins and needles, it looks like we finally know what’ll be moving in.

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The Best Barbecue Spots at the New Jersey Shore Await You

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Barbecue, often abbreviated as BBQ, has a rich and complex history in the United States. The practice of slow-cooking meat over a wood fire has its roots in various cultural traditions, from Native American cooking techniques to Caribbean and African influences. Over the years, barbecue has evolved to become one of America’s favorite foods, with regional styles giving a unique flavor to the cuisine.

The best barbecue spots litter the Jersey Shore from Cape May to Sandy Hook and you’re never more than a few miles away from some of the best.

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Former New Egypt BBQ Joint Coming to Toms River

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Sweet Carolina Barbecue Co. has carved a niche for itself in New Jersey’s vibrant culinary scene as a food truck for many years, a brick and mortar spot and a successful catering business.

With roots as a food truck and full-service caterer, this BBQ joint has established a reputation for serving mouthwatering barbecue dishes that resonate with the local flavor.

While detailed historical records of Sweet Carolina Barbecue Co. are scarce, it is known that the business began its local journey in New Egypt, where it soon became a popular destination for BBQ enthusiasts. That location is currently a Twisted Steaks restaurant.

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