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These are the must go to Jersey Shore bars for good times and vibes in NJ

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The Jersey Shore is home to all kinds of places for fun, great times, great beer and great memories being made on any given day or night.

How do you rank your favorite or go-to bar? Is it the variety of drinks, the room, the music playing or sports on TV?

Is it the service or location?

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9 South Jersey Dive Bars You Can Enjoy For Cheap Around The Holidays

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It’s almost time to celebrate! No, I’m not talking about the holiday. I’m actually referring to all the holiday stress finally OVER.

I wouldn’t be able to last the day without shouting out or acknowledging all the places that provide me with both great drinks and a great time even at times when I probably shouldn’t be spending what little money I actually do have. Aren’t we all feeling that way this time of year? Still, a girl’s gotta live, right?

You’re ten times more likely to find me at a local spot like these rather than out at a club. That’s just more my speed, truth be told. Cheap beer, live music, and genuine company: that’s how I like to hang.

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