Whoa! This Is Where To Get The Tallest Ice Cream Cone In New Jersey

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a foot-long sub sandwich and polished off the whole thing.  Everyone has at some point right?  Keeping that in mind, why can’t we do the exact same thing with dessert?  There’s a place in New Jersey that serves up a foot-tall ice cream cone. Come on sport, I know you have it in ya.

I still eat ice cream in the winter.  Do you?  In fact, I think it is better than eating it on a hot summer day because you don’t have the melt factor.  That comes in clutch when you are eating a foot-tall ice cream cone.  Yep, twelve inches of ice cream scooped on top of each other with any flavor combo that tickles your fancy.

Now you would think that you could not do toppings on an ice cream tower like this but you would be mistaken.  Bring on the homemade caramel!

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