If you care about your health and fitness and have not joined a gym yet this year, you should!

Before you join, here are a few tips to consider when shopping gyms BEFORE you sign up.

  1. Convenience– if its not close to home or work, you probably will not go on a regular basis.
  2. Atmosphere- when you walk in, are your greeted with a friendly staff that makes you feel at home OR do you feel pressure to sign up before you are ready to make a decision and have not visited the other gyms yet.
  3. Size- big is not always better. Make sure the size and setting is not overwhelming, but rather gives you a feeling of how to navigate your workouts and not waste time trying to find your type of equipment.
  4. Value for your $’s- most gyms are pretty affordable today. When you evaluate a gym, do NOT just look at price. Evaluate based on a gym’s offering and the value for what they offer you.  Too often a promotion may sway you to buy, but it’s not what you really wanted the gym for.
  5. Clean and functional- is the facility kept clean and free of odors and are there OUT OF ORDER signs on many equipment units.
  6. Survey- as you enter and/or leave the gym you are evaluating, stop and ask members coming and going outside the gym on how they feel about their gym.  VERY TELLING!